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No other brokerage can match our combination of brand power and modern service.



The Berkshire Hathaway brand is the largest in residential real estate and one of the most respected in the world.


We offer the most comprehensive marketing services in the industry. From lead generation to content creation.


Coaching and accountability is the key to continuously improving your business. Our programs help our Realtors grow year after year.


Investing is the lifeblood of our brand. Our wealth creation program combines education with unique investment opportunities.


Everything we do is underpinned by a culture of collaboration, improvement, value and above all else, integrity. These aren't just ideals written down on a piece of paper, they can be felt in everything we do, every single day.

Meet the Berkshire Hathaway Team

Since 2014 we have become one of the largest residential real estate brokerages in North America by sales volume. In 2023 Berkshire Hathaway was ranked the 4th most admired brand on the planet by Fortune magazine. Our brand is simply unmatched in the industry.



Global cities need brands that consumers know and trust.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is one of the most profitable, trusted and admired brands on the planet. When our name is associated with your business, it means something. It’s a global symbol of trust, integrity, stability, longevity and the highest standards of work.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is the single most trusted real estate brand by home buyers and sellers in North America.

Our real estate division has rapidly grown to more than 55,000 Realtors in more than 1500 offices in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and North America. Our growth is a testament to the strength and quality of our brand in every corner of the world.







Some brands do make a difference.

Our marketing programs are designed to take on all the heavily lifting for you in a way that no other brokerage offers. Whether it's marketing your listings or yourself, our marketing services provide our Realtors with a major competitive advantage, and deliver unmatched value to their clients.



Imagine all of your content, social media, listing advertising, newsletters and client gifting was done for you...

That's exactly what we do for our Realtors and more.

Our marketing services and technology go so far beyond what any other brokerage offers. We provide true white gloved services in the areas that matter most.


Listing Elite

Listings are the lifeblood of your business and your marketing should reflect that. We take care of all of your marketing including running ads, sending your listing emails and posting to social media for you.

Automatic Content

We build custom websites for every Realtor and then fill them with the highest quality content in the industry. We then create and send newsletters for our each of our Realtors and provide them all of their social posts.

Video Studio

Video is a critical part of a modern Realtors business so we built a state of the art studio to give our Realtors an edge. Whether you're starting a podcast or just want some video content for social, we've got you covered.


With 1.5 million new homes being built in Ontario, pre-construction is a pillar of our business. We bring you access to top projects and then take care of all the marketing for you, from landing pages to promotional emails.

man in black knit cap and brown jacket using black laptop computer
man in black knit cap and brown jacket using black laptop computer

We are a real marketing company.

Printing brochures is not marketing. Marketing is the science of attracting and nurturing clients. Most brokerages say they have a marketing department when in fact they don't.

Marketing and brand building have never been more important in our industry, which is why we put such a massive focus on these two key areas. Consumers work with brands that they value, love and trust, which can only be achieved through great content and a powerful brand story.

We provide our Realtors with the most modern marketing services in the industry which include both advertising and content to help you find new leads and then make them fall in love with you.

We create all of your social media content.

We build and send your newsletters.

We run your digital advertising for you.

We shoot your video & podcasts.

black and silver audio mixer
black and silver audio mixer

The industry's best content studio.

Video is the most powerful way to deliver value to your clients as well as the most effective way to grow your database. Our one of a kind content studio provides our Realtors with state of the art equipment and incredible support that gives them a competitive advantage allows them to easily build high quality content.

black folding chair on canvas
black folding chair on canvas


Pre-construction on auto pilot.

With one of the hottest pre-construction markets in the world, having access to the GTA’s top development projects is a must for any successful Realtor. We not only provide the absolute best access for our Realtors but also surround them with services and marketing to help them promote each project unlike any other brokerage.

Website/Landing Pages

Our marketing team builds landing pages on your website for the top pre-construction projects all across the GTA. These project landing pages connect directly to your CRM for lead capture and leads are automatically sent all of the project details for you.

Automated Emails

We not only capture pre-construction leads for you, but we also keep them up to date with all of the important project information for you. Everything from event invites to sending them pricing and floorplans is automatically done for you!

Client Events

We conduct ongoing client facing events and workshops to help educate your clients on the pre-construction process as well as to bring them up to speed on the projects that we have access to. We even automatically invite them to these events for you!

We build a Realtor growth platform that combines education and coaching with value added services to ensure business growth. The program delivers continuous improvement in each area of your business by focusing on just one part of your business each and every month.




Apollo is our Realtor growth platform that combines education, coaching, hands on workshops and value added services to ensure business growth. The program was specifically built for Realtors who struggle to find the time and focus to work on their business and not just in their business.

Achieving your financial goals is about more than just closing more deals. Building wealth takes focus and strategy, and we help our Realtors in both areas. Our wealth building program combines education, investment masterminds and unique investment opportunities both locally and internationally.



brown chairs arranged in front of brown table
brown chairs arranged in front of brown table
yellow and blue metal fence
yellow and blue metal fence

Your wealth building partners.

In an industry that is typically obsessed with short term financial goals like transactions and gross commission income, we believe in focusing on long term wealth creation. This approach not only helps create stability in your business, but provides you with long term financial security and a path to retirement. We don't get pensions as Realtors. we we need to create our own.

Investment Training

We built a dedicated investment training program to help you understand and identify the best investment opportunities. Our program provides the additional benefit of helping you work more effectively with your investor clients.

Monthly Group Meetings

One of the most powerful aspects of achieving your financial goals is surrounding yourself with like minded people. Our monthly group meetings not only help push you, but we also tour and learn about any of our members current investments.

Investment Opportunities

Being part of the Berkshire Hathaway network comes with a number of valuable perks. We are regularly given access to unique investment opportunities both locally and internationally. These investments are available to our Realtors and their clients.

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